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Pakistan Surveillance has the experience and expertise to protect your home or business with a security system specifically tailored for you. We have the experience and resources to design and install the perfect surveillance security solution for you. Whether you need CCTV cameras system, Biometric Access control System, PABX Intercom System or a Fire safety alarm systems, we can provide you with fast and highly professional installation services in Karachi.

Services Includes: CCTV Surveillance Security Systems, Biometric Access Control Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Structured Network Cabling and Installation / Maintenance Services.


The Experience

Pakistan Surveillance The CCTV System Installation Company located in Karachi City Since 2006.

We have so much experience to design your residential and commercial CCTV systems as per your requirement, to make our clients feel comfortable and secure. We have efficient and experienced installer teams to solve your problems as quickly as possible.


CCTV Services

On-Site Surveillance Assessment: Our team of CCTV experts will conduct a thorough on-site assessment to understand your specific needs and challenges. This assessment will identify potential vulnerabilities, operational obstacles, and future scalability requirements. Using this valuable information, our project experts will design a required CCTV Cameras solution that meets your environment and requirements effectively.

Project Planning & Design: Utilizing the findings from the comprehensive on-site assessment, our experienced team will create a CCTV system solution that ensures optimal surveillance and safety for your premises. We will provide accurate cost estimates and design a comprehensive solution that offers the highest level of protection.

Quality Installation Services: Our expert and skilled technicians will handle the installation with utmost professionalism. They will ensure a seamless and timely installation process that meets your specifications, without causing disruptions. We prioritize quality and adhere to your budget.

Technical Support & Maintenance Services: We are committed to providing ongoing support and maintenance to keep your system functioning at its best. Our team of experts offers timely repairs, routine maintenance, and on-call support to address any issues that may arise, ensuring long-term reliability.

Why Choose Us

Tell us what you want to monitor, and we’ll tell you the best camera setup to achieve it.

Our business processes follow approach of leaving no stone unturned, from planning your system to getting it installed

A no compromise on quality approach ensures that our solutions are more robust, user-friendly and last for years and years running

What else you need if you are getting a great quality and products and that at affordable rates. All of these you are getting at a single roof.

Our highly technical staff and installation services makes us the most reliable CCTV security solution company in Karachi. We have a track record of more than a decade and in that time, we have delivered top quality security solutions to our clients.


Solution Partners

Pakistan Surveillance only uses top-of-the-line, well researched brands to provide the best CCTV surveillance security solutions for our clients. Making sure that a security product or brand is high-quality and reliable is imperative as it ensures our client’ safety and the long-term application of our surveillance security solutions.

Below are the few of the brands we install and service:


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